Club Cruises

Enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow Fifty Point Yacht Club boaters at some of the finest clubs on Western Lake Ontario. Each cruise will feature a potluck dinner and/or appetizer event organized by a volunteer Cruise Captain.

The cruise captain hosts a pre-cruise coffee meeting, usually scheduled on Saturday morning of the cruise weekend. At the meeting, the captain shares any instructions or other information from the host club (calling-in instructions and/or dock assignments), distributes the cruise list, assigns a radio channel for boaters and gets agreement on a fleet departure time for those planning to travel together.

On arrival the captain checks with the Dock Master or Officer of the Day at the host club to make sure everything has gone according to plan with slip assignments and to determine where the group can get together for the potluck dinner/appetizer event. Cruise captains who wish to organize other activities, especially on long weekends, are encouraged to do so!

2021 FPYC Cruise Schedule

  • • July 2-3-4 Bluffers Park Yacht Club
  • • July 17-18 Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
  • • July 31-Aug 1-2 Oakville Club
  • • Sept 4-5-6 Etobicoke Yacht Club

The above cruises are based on:

  • • The government removing or modifying COVID-19 restrictions
  • • Confirmation that Fifty Point Marina will be open to reciprocal visitors as of July 1
  • • Confirmation that yacht clubs on our cruise schedule will be receiving reciprocal cruises
If the cruises are confirmed, registration will be open on the FPYC website 10 days prior to each cruise. We will advise members via Mailchimp as the situation becomes clearer. For each cruise we will require a volunteer cruise captain(s) to be a point of contact for FPYC boats going on the cruise and to receive any last minute change information from, or about the destination club. The cruise captain volunteer will have a guaranteed reservation on the cruise, regardless of when they reserve.